This website will help you get vaccine availability alerts on your phone in the fastest way.
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Benefits of using Telegram:

  • You will get only alerts for your area/city.
  • Better Privacy (No need to share your number or personal details)
  • Faster Alerts
  • Support for other Cities
  • Mute/Unmute messages whenever you want
  • Download the Telegram app on your phone to access the alert channels.

    You can install telegram and just use the link to your city to join the telegram channel.

    Age 18+

    Mumbai: covialerts
    Thane/Navi-Mumbai/Panvel: covialertsthane
    Delhi: covialertsdelhi
    Pune: covialertspune
    Chennai: covialertschennai
    Bengaluru: covialertsbengaluru
    Hyderabad: covialertshyderabad
    Kolkata: covialertskolkata
    Palakkad: covialertskeralapalakkad
    Kannur: covialertskannur

    Age 45+

    Mumbai: covialerts45
    Thane/Navi-Mumbai/Panvel: covialertsthane45
    Delhi: covialertsdelhi45
    Pune: covialertspune45
    Chennai: covialertschennai45
    Bengaluru: covialertsbengaluru45
    Hyderabad: covialertshyderabad45
    Kolkata: covialertskolkata45
    Palakkad: covialertskeralapalakkad45
    Kannur: covialertskannur45


    Disclaimer - The telegram channel will only alert you about the availability of slots at the mentioned centres. Availability will change in real time. Book your slots as soon as you get the alert using

    Made by: Arjun Hemrajani
    Also a big thanks to all my friends and family. Especially Aneesh for pushing this out to the world and Poorna for her support.